Janus Thayl

Blooded of the Raven, Under the Shadow of the Elk


Three Things

  • He does not duel lightly or for sport.
  • He has worn the Black twice now, and is always welcomed back to service by his Liege.
  • He acquired his Sword on a long expedition that was launched shortly after his marriage.


Name Meaning
Public Janus “Death Upon Swift Wings”
Secret Lazaar “The Last Sight You Ever See”
Family Thayl “Clarity of Vision”


2 4 W 2 3 3

Duty: Assassin (Rank 1)
Ability: For the purposes of the yowamushi rule, you gain a bonus to your Prowess equal to your Rank.
Benefit: Increase the Rank of any Injury you inflict on a surprised opponent by your Rank.


  • Deadly Romance Rank 2
    • Three men have attempted to start Romances with Janus’ wife. All three died or vanished shortly thereafter. Nothing was ever proven, but there are suspicions.
    • The longest known Romance Janus himself has been involved in was with a Wolf. After nearly a year, the woman lost interest and broke off the Romance. She was found deceased in her bed the following morning. Again, nothing was proven.


Raven’s Vision
Gain 3 dice to Cunning Risks involving Espionage.

Ancient Sword
Janus posesses the Cursed Sword Belo’tosh Renicci (“Night’s Frozen Embrace”), a powerful Artifact that prevents him from sleeping unless the sun is in the air. The Sword also possesses the Blade and Handle qualities, and is Rank 3.


Blood is Thicker Than Water [Family Aspect]

  • Invoke: You gain three bonus dice when working with a member of the family.
  • Compel: Trust a family member at their word.

Etiquette [Family Aspect]

  • Invoke: You gain three bonus dice when being polite or observing proper protocol.
  • Compel: Adhere to etiquette.

Knife in the Dark [Spring Aspect]

  • Invoke: When trying to kill someone.
  • Compel: Avoid honorable, face-to-face, or otherwise “fair” combat.


Public Name Secret Name Player Aspects Type Rank
Valar Mwrr ??? Art ??? Contact 1


  • Karass Thayl, the Winter Raven (Rank 3)
    • The Cloak Deceivious
      • This blessing requires a cloak and a Style Point. The ven may disguise himself in a general way: a soldier, guard, innkeeper, etc. The blessing causes any to look upon the blessed as if he naturally belonged to the scene. That is, if he is disguised as a guard in a castle, the other guards would look at him as if he was supposed to be where he was, doing what he was supposed to be doing. The Cloak Deceiveous only lasts until the disguised ven takes off the cloak or tells a lie. Once he tells a lie, the disguise is over.
    • The Subtle hand
      • Your ven has gained enough skill with a weapon that he may employ one in each hand. Spend a Style Point. Your ven gains two free wagers for any Prowess risk.
    • Raven Outwits the Wolf
      • Spend five Style Points after you have rolled dice in a Prowess risk. Cancel your opponent’s wagers in this Prowess risk. Success and failure of the risk is unaffected, but only you can keep your wagers.


  • Ashlin Steele, Wife
    • She is the youngest sister of the Liege.
    • She loves stories of heroism, Romance, and knightly chivalry.
    • She would never, ever, EVER stray to another man.
  • Orland, Son, Age 10
    • He is always watching, always listening, always learning.
    • His natural talent with a Sword rivals some Wolves.
    • When he comes into adulthood, he wants to go on a “grand adventure.”
  • Trayvon, Son, Age 7
    • He can never get enough attention.
    • He often disappears for hours, exploring the Estate’s forgotten halls and underground vaults.
    • The boy is absolutely Fearless.

Janus Thayl

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