Rial Uvan

Minister of Enlightenment, Lord Elijah Steele's Youngest Brother, Lady Killer, and Member of the House of the Stag


Banked Style: 4
Honor: 5


- Name Meaning
Public Rial “The Humble Vassal”
Secret Vitriol “I Shall Unmake your House”
Family Uvan “The Little Family”


Bear’s Strength Elk’s Cunning Falcon’s Courage Fox’s Beauty Serpent’s Wisdom Wolf’s Prowess
2 4 W 4 3 2


Blood is Thicker Than Water [Family Aspect]

  • Invoke: You gain three bonus dice when working with a family member.
  • Compel: To trust your family.

House of Steele [Family Aspect]

  • Invoke: You gain three bonus dice when making deals or bargains.
  • Compel: To take the advantage.

Too Much Love [Spring Aspect]

  • Invoke: You gain three bonus dice when starting a fresh Romance.
  • Compel: To pursue a new Romance.

Proper Duelist [Bonus Aspect]

  • Invoke: You gain three bonus dice when engaging in an officially sanctioned duel.
  • Compel: To obstinately ensure a duel is done properly.

Romance: Francine Adrente [Romance (Free) Aspect]

  • Potential: 7
  • Rank: 4
  • Invoke: You may invoke this Aspect to gain a number of dice equal to the Romance’s rank whenever you are performing a task assigned by your lover. You may only have one task at a time. If you cannot accomplish a task—or if you lover wants to assign a different task before you’ve accomplished the fist—your lover can change the task… and the Romance’s Potential loses one rank.
  • Compel: Your Romance can also be compelled, forcing you to protect the Romance. Not necessarily your lover, but the Romance.


Propagandist: Rank 1

  • Ability: As your Lord’s Propagandist, you may redact, alter, edit, reinterpret or change anything said by any sworn to your lord to make it sound more appropriate to the current situation. You may do this a number of times per game session equal to your Duty Rank.
  • Benefit: Your agents allow you overhear or see any discussion or event during the game that you are not present for. You may do this a number of times equal to your Duty Rank.


Lady Killer: Rank 2

  • After being caught bedding the beautiful Lady Serine on the eve of her marriage, Rial commented “Her fiance failed to secure his investments soundly”. Then when Lady Serine’s family approached Rial about marriage he remarked, “Why would I want soiled goods?” After that incident Lady Serine was a social pariah, her reputation killed by Rial’s charm and netting Rial the reputation of being a Lady Killer.



  • One per game session, you may negate one Honor loss.


Public Name Secret Name Player Aspects Type Rank
- ??? Kevin ??? Contact 1
Janus Thayl ??? Mike ??? Contact 1


Nikala Uvan

Nikala Uvan isn’t the oldest Stag but he was one came the closest to rivaling the Elk’s power. Nikala formed a secret council of Ven dedicated to uplifting their culture from the senseless pattern of betray and tragedy. Using the council to leverage himself and trusted council members into positions of power, Nikala quickly found himself pulling very influential strings. Then he realized what he had built. A network of Ven who all trusted him and were willing to back his plays. Nikala’s ideals for a perfect Ven society quickly faded and he moved to secure power for himself and his House.

Many believe that Nikala was planning on moving the veil the Elk and allow the Stag to become the dominate House when he slipped quietly into solace. Worshipers of Nikala tell a different story. Nikala, knowing he could never accomplish this feat in life, build up a cult of his own personality and allowed himself to pass into solace to continue his work. Devotees of Nikala work to secure the Stag into a position to overthrow the Elk and every year they grow closer and closer to achieving their goals.

Rank: 3

  • The Coldest Heart
    • When another ven gains dice in a contested risk with you from a Romance or Art Aspect, you may spend a Style Point to cancel those dice.
  • No Secret is Safe from Me
    • When it comes time to make wagers in any contested risk, spend a Style Point. You may look at your opponent’s wagers before you make your own. Your opponent may not change his wagers after you’ve looked at them. You do not have to show your own wagers. You also cannot reveal your opponent’s wagers to other ven.
  • I Have Never Been Defeated
    • Spend a Style Point. You may spend two wagers in a row in a contested Cunning risk.

Three Things

  • Has never been married and has worked diligently to ensure he’s not a thrilling prospect for any suitors.
  • Truly cares for his older brother and works his best to ensure his domain is kept in good social graces.
  • Has been known to bore his opponents out of a duel with his rigged stance on how a duel must be preformed.

Character Theme

You don’t have to dance with me, you don’t have to dance at all.
You can just lie there looking good, or you can play by yourself.

We should be careful because the canyons scream as the valley sleeps at night.
Then the fear takes hold, as the Santa Ana winds blow cold.
Cause if the city’s goin’ up in flames then we oughta go down, down, down together.

You don’t have to sleep with me, we don’t have to touch at all.
We can talk till the sun comes up or listen to the raindrops fall.

But be careful because the canyons scream and the alleys bleed at night.
Then the freeways fold and the Santa Ana winds blow cold.

Rial Uvan

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